by Bart

The idea comes to me that introspection is critical to full fill the call of living in the light (1John1).  The key to introspection is the inspection of the interior, my heart, must be done with the Eyes of God not the eyes of man.  If I engage in introspection using my own eyes then I am vulnerable to the lies of satan as I compare my heart against the worlds standards.  Only the eyes of God can see the motives of my heart and only God fully knows the standard against which I should be measured.  That standard is Jesus!


The good news is this required inspection can be accomplished by the helper.  God as the Holy Spirit living inside me has a direct line to my inner self….to places even I can not go……to the yearnings of my heart.  I must only be open to the spirit.


Holy Spirit please search my heart and show me the darkness you find that I may repent before Father by the blood of Jesus.  Please help me meet my sin with your strength as it is far beyond my own strength.  I love you…..bart