I am thinking of quitting the meat packing plant

by Bart

I have worked at a meat packing plant all my life. Lately I was promoted to the sausage department. I used to love sausage, but after a few years in that department I have negative associations with the plant. The problem is now that I know the ingredients and process that goes into producing sausage all meat is somehow different.

My problem with the ingredients lies not in the quality of the meat, but in the other stuff that is added so it will be edible after the processing. The man made stuff that goes into sausage is pretty gross. Preservatives, flavors, and dyes are not what I want when I eat meat. The process of grinding, mixing, and stuffing the sausages take what is a really decent cut of meat and really screw it up in order to achieve the look and texture we desire.

I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian. The idea of planting a seed, waiting for it to grow, harvesting, and finally enjoying is very appealing. I must be willing to give up the control I had with sausage, but I trust the end product will be both healthier and better tasting.

You probably guessed I am not really talking about food, but it describes how I feel about what we have done to Jesus.

Lord please have mercy on us.