Good Will shopping

by Bart

I was shopping at Good Willl Sunday afternoon.  When I say shopping I mean watching my girls play in the toy area while my wife shopped.  As I watched the kids playing with the other kids I realized they did not care if the other kids were dirty or sloppily dressed.  There was even one boy who had on a pair of jeans that were way too large and no underwear and to make matters worse he had them on backward.  The kids just played together.  The only time there was trouble was when one would not share or grabbed a toy from another.  There was no notice of social status.

Later that night I was watching the show where Tye demolishes a needy families house and rebuilds it to fit their particular needs.  The son was being interviewed.  He was blind and in a wheel chair, but a talented musician with a great outlook on life.  He said that he saw blindness as an ability and sight as a disability.  He explained that sight hinders seeing people as they really are on the inside.

Sometimes I think someone is trying to get my attention.