Thursday, 15 May 2008

by Bart

I am reading Let Go of the Ring by Ralph Moore and it is really speaking to my need (desire) for control.  He states “God will only call you to do things that are bigger than you are…” and goes on to explain how the ability to visualize the details of an activity to it’s completion probably means that it was conceived of man not God.  This makes sense as we have the mind of men and do not think as God thinks.  I forget the book, but I remember reading that in the Bible.  He also says he had givin his life to the Lord years ago, but not the details.

Lord, I love you.  Please take the details of my life that I may follow you completely.  I beg you to force me to “do the next thing” that Your Kingdom may come and Your will be done.  All honor and glory to you, Abba Father, for ever and ever. Amen