Sunday, 11 May 2008

by Bart

I read some of Psalm 119 today.

I have been seeking the mind of Christ.  What I am hearing is three fold.

  1. Read the Holy Scriptures
  2. Do the things they say to do, follow the instructions
  3. Give ALL control over to God

Last night I had a very scary dream.  My wife or daughter was locked up in a hospital and no matter what I would try I did not have the power to help or even to get them out.  The feeling of not being in control is the most terrifying of emotions for me, but I know in my head that control is what is standing between me and God’s will.  I must release all control to the Holy Spirit.

Lord, thank you for this insight.  Please give me the strength to be week.  Let the battle be not mine, but yours.  I desire to be your servant.