Sunday, 13 April 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalm 104 and some from John 9.

Today I am torn between feeling the need for an intense day of prayer and a day of carefree relaxing.  There is a so much going on in the church and with my friends and family that I do not feel like there is time or energy in the day for adequate intersession.  At the same time I have been tired and feel the need for mental and emotional rest.  These two needs are pulling at me.  What is the meaning (God’s command) for the sabbath.

As I ask God what to do I think I am hearing “both”.  Maybee God is trying to tell me that prayer should be more like a conversation with a good friend or a grandparent than a highly emotional pleading with the supreem being.  I will try today to talk with Abba Father.

you know what we all need.  i love and trust you.  can we just sit together today?