Sunday, 06 April 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalm 104.  I missed 103 so that will be tomorrow.

104 is one of the creation Psalms.  It talks about the creation of everything by God.  I was at a small group training given by Bishop Wills.  He talked about our plans being too big in the short term and too small in the long term.  That got me wondering to what “our plans” refers.  To me it means the plans or direction that I get, filtered by my own discernment, from the Holy Spirit.  This filter is a function of my idea or perception of God.

After reading Psalm 104 I believe my perception of God is usually way too small.  This leads me to filter out direction from the Spirit that is too big.  Donald Miller talks about our stories.  An example he uses is a young female friend of his that started Blood Water Mission.  The Holy Ghost showed her the vision of fresh, clean water for everyone on the African continent.  That vision is too big for a human, but not for God.  That is what makes for a good story.

Lord, forgive me for putting you in a small box and make me aware of the whispers of your Holy Spirit.  Let me not filter your vision.  All glory to you.