Saturday, 05 April 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalm 102 aloud.

It spoke strongly about doing what the God commanded.  That is to love Him, love my neighbor, and to make disciples.  I should base each disicion I make on those commands.  Is this thing to be done because of a desire to love God, love neighbor, and / or make a disiple?  I fear the anwser is many times no.  I do a lot because I want to do it.

We are told that true happiness and complete joy is having the mind of Christ.  Lord, let my thoughts, wants, and desires be bent toward your commands that I may have the mind of Christ and true joy. 

Abba Father, I long to make your smile.

Jim, how goes your bracelet?

Lord bless Jim, Jay, Calvin, and Kevin on this day.  May their joy be complete.  May we all make your smile.