Easter 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalm 88 aloud and the resurrection story form the Gospels.

The story of the tomb struck me differently this time.  The stone and the emptiness of the tomb struck me.  What was in the tomb?  Jesus’ body and then an angel were the physical presences, but the promise and reality of everlasting life was what the tomb actually contained.  The stone separated the women from realizing this promise.  It still separates us from claiming the promise as the stone was/is too big to be moved by us (Mark 16:3) and it must be supernaturally moved.  What is my stone is the question that comes to my mind.  What is standing in the way or keeping me from moving off the porch and through the door of faith?

Lord, Please make me aware of what is standing in the way of faith today.

The other thing that stood out is the state of mind the of the women as they went to the disciples, “with fear and great joy”, Mathew 28:8.  I often feel like I / we have lost our fear.  I will not deal with this now, but I wanted to capture the thought.

Be blessed today with fear and great joy.