Thursday, 20 Mar 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 85-86 aloud and “Upper Room”

We are on the road to Nashville again this morning.  Thank you for your prayers.  I ask the Lord to speak and work through the doctor.  I will try to be humble in trust and praise God for his plan what however it may play.

I will praise the Lord.  I can do no better.  I can do no other

Jim congrads on five days. That rocks!  Can you see any changes other than lack of negative thoughts that you might contribute to your modified behavior?  I guess what I am wondering if you are seeing and internal changes?

All the time, Kevin, it is so exciting and terrifing awaiting the arrival of the first.  Health and peace to your wife and your self.  It is huge to feel God is blessing your work this week.  I praise God for your awareness.

Lord,  Bless and keep Calvin and Jay.

Psalm 85:12,13 “The Lord will give His goodness and the land will give its crops.  Goodness will go before God and prepare the way for him”

Lord, I beg for your goodness to be sent into each heart today that a way might be prepared for Your return in Jesus.