Monday, 10 Mar 08

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 70-71 aloud and “Preachers Experience”.

I struggled all of yesterday against pride.  My pride was offended before worship and I could not shake it until I slept last night.  This struggle robbed worship and concentration on God’s glory, but it did offer judgement as to my proud state. 

Lord, I ask your forgiveness for my pride in that instance and in the general sense.  I ask your blessing on the one who offended me and thank you for using him as an instrument of judgement.  Please make my spirit week.

Jim, How is it going with the arm band?

Kevin, I give praise to the Spirit for being in your church yesterday.  I also hope He will be with the men after they eat your breakfast. (serious and joking)

Lord, Please bless Calvin, Jay, Jim, and Kevin with awareness of your Majesty today.