Saturday, 08 Mar 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 67-68 aloud and finished “Discovering Community” by Stephen Doughty.  I would highly recommend this book as I have learned a good deal from it and get the feeling I will continue to grow as a result of encountering it.

We got snow last night and it is beautiful.  Beauty is definitely a blessing.  I seek to be more aware of God’s blessings today.  I also need extra grace in speaking only what will build others up in Christ as my thoughts have been more critical.  I also ask continued prayer for my wife as she has her new doctor Tuesday and for me as I have been somewhat restless and unsettled lately.  We both need peace and stillness.

Jim – How about that arm band?  I am built up by your dedication in seeking the mind of Christ.  Good luck at the coffee shop.

Kevin – Have a safe travel weekend.  Your last two sermons were great.  I pray you can finally kick your illness and for your family as you prepare for a new baby.

Jay and Calvin – We have not heard from you regularly for a week or so.  We miss you and hope you are continuing to be faithful with your devotions.  I am praying for you both each day.  Speaking the truth in love is tough, please do not feel like I am nagging you.