Thursday, 06 Mar 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 60-63 and “Four things which bring much peace” aloud.  I also read in “Discovering Community” and listened to Amena Brown.

Spending 30 seconds each time I sat down was a terrible idea.  I am now acutely aware of how many times I sit down a day.

Doughty talked about a question ask by a member of an intercessory prayer circle during their General Assemble, “Was Christ Honored?  Yes.  Then God be praised”.  This will be my prayer for our General Conference, Holy Conferencing, and the ongoing cabinet process.

Amena Brown gave the most powerful poem / prayer I have ever heard, “decrease me, decrease me, decrease me”.  It gave me chills and has really stuck with me.  It is linked above and you can get the DVD from Blue Fish.

Wow, that was a lot.  I will seek awareness again today.

Jim, Great to hear of your tinge of pain.  Which NOOMA video did your daughter order??

Lord, Please bless each today with the dew of heaven.