Wednesday, 05 Mar 2008

by Bart

Kevin that rocks.  The beginning of true freedom for those guys and new family for all of us.

I read Psalms 58-59 aloud.

Our small group is experimenting with awareness this week.  I was seeking to see the Spirit in peoples actions yesterday.  I did not until late afternoon when a very busy friend took almost an hour to ask about me and my family.  I am sure there were many examples I missed, but I am thankful for the friend.  Today I am seeking to hear the Spirit speak through the words of others.

Jim, Hang in there with the bracelet.  It sounds like you are making real progress.  Can you feel any change in your underling attitudes or perceptions of circumstances?

I have thought about Jim’s quote about being soo busy and praying four hours.  I am going to try another take today as I do not have four hours.  The plan will be each time I sit down I will try to spend 30 seconds listening for God.

Lord thank you for providing these friends.  It is very good to here someone to talk with while we walk togeather.  I feel very watched over in love.  Please make each aware of all your blessings.