Tuesday, 04 Mar 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 55-57 aloud and “Discovering Community”.

Our small group listened to “Breathe” from NOOMA #14, by Rob Bell.  He talked about breathing in the context of being aware of the Holiness of everything God has created which is just about everything.  It really spoke to me.  I am continually surrounded by sooooo much blessing and I hardly ever notice it.  If I was able to take even a small fraction of what God has done into my awareness I would not be able to do anything other than worship God.  What keeps me from this?  I think the lack of stillness and not intentionally seeking awareness (looking for God).

Lord, Please give me stillness and help me to seek your face in all things.

Please make each of us so aware of your glory that we can do nothing, but praise you.

Calvin it is very good to hear from you.

Jim, Congratulations on your bracelet.  That is huge.

Kevin, Congratulations on your day off.  I also pray for your family as it grows.

Jay, I know this time has to be terribly stressing between the workload and the going into the unknown.  We love you and asks God to sprinkle an extra measure of peace on you and your family.