Sunday, 02 Mar 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 49-50 aloud and from “Discovering Community”.

The chapter “Stretched” talks about growing through conflict by way of deep listening, hearing what the Spirit is saying through others, to others as they express the roots of their beliefs.  I have been following the New Conspirators conference this weekend.  It is hosted by Mustard Seed Associates.  They are serving as a conduit bringing the four “streams”, Missional, Monastic, Emergent, and Mosaic, together.  They talk about the streams being raised up.  This speaks to me in the way God’s plan uses many peoples moving together for his kingdom.

Yesterday I hope I avoided harm by giving the right words to friends in conflict.

Jim, How is it going with the purple arm band?  Is it to tight, does if chafe–do not answer that I am just joking.

Kevin, I have been praying for your family.  I found a baby is a chance to grow in discipline of the mind.  When they are streaming in the middle of the night and you have rocked until you are sea sick you have a choice, you can seek God’s peace in your mind or continue letting it run.  I was not very good at this when the kids were small and am not much better now, but when peace was found it was/is a great feeling.

Calvin and Jay, we have missed you the last few days and hope all is going well.

Lord, I ask again for peace in each of our hearts as the world swirls around us.  Please be with Jay, Jim, and Kevin as they speak your word to your people today.