Saturday, 01 Mar 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalm 46-48 aloud.

We had a chili supper last night at our church.  It is always so wonderful hanging out with the body.  We were to bring chili and a guest.  I could not contact the people I was planning on bringing.  I did not try to contact them until yesterday.  It is really a crappy thing not to share the gift of fellowship with others.  I had meant to ask them all week, but my mind was too busy, too busy to reach out to other children of God.  It is not like there was no time, there was plenty of time, I just did not think of it.

Jim and Kevin, you made me think about the nature of my business and the priority I put on people.  Thank you.

May we all find the stillness of mind that allows our hearts to concentrate on God and neighbor and brings the peace of working through you instead of for you.  Please Abba Father

What do you guys think about holding each other accountable?  What is the best method?  I really enjoy growing by sharing with you all.  It is crazy how similar our struggles are to one another.  The prayers mean a lot.  It is comforting to see in print that someone is lifting my family and I up before the most high God.  We agreed to the General Rules as a base line.  What do you all think?