Thursday, 28 Feb 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 41-43 aloud.  Last evening I read from “Discovering Community” about being stretched by others and for others.  I like this book more with each read it is very challenging.

I had to read Psalm 43:5 a few times. I thought I was misreading it, I read words out of order from time to time, but I had read it correctly.  This made it really striking.

Why are you downcast, O my soul?  
       Why so disturbed within me?
       Put your hope in God,
       for I will yet praise him,
       my Savior and my God.

Gregory Clapper talks about the difference in affections or tempers and emotions as Wesley explained them. (As if the Heart Mattered, 21)   I can feel the Psalmist’s struggle between his well formed Godly affections and his emotions.  I do not know the literal translation that resulted in the word soul, but the context makes it sound very much like an emotion.  This strikes me as I think of the many things I fear while having full conviction God will take care of them.

Today, through grace, I will continue efforts to build others up and I will seek to dismiss emotions that do not match my affections.

Lord, may we all walk today depending on you and brimming with joy as we stay alert for the Jesus that is lose.  Thank you for giving Jay the feeling of productivity.  Please help Calvin in his quest to listen better, may he hear more through your grace.