Wednesday, 27 Feburary 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 39-40 aloud.  Yesterday I fasted.

Thank all of you for your prayers lifting up my family.  I know God will take care of us, but fear still creeps in as I do not like discomfort.  Knowing brothers in Christ are praying for us is a comfort.

Today I seek to continue taming the tongue.  Lord, help me not only avoid evil in my speech, but also may your word be always on my lips, and may I always say “The Lord is exalted” with all that I say.

Lord, thank you for each Godly man you have brought together seeking perfection in you.  It is a great gift to be surrounded by Godly men while on earth and to be able to hear their council as you speak through them.  Please prepare Kevin, his wife, and his congregation for their baby.  Please give them patients, strength, and order their lives in such a way as to glorify you while they train up their child in your ways.  Please walk with Calvin, Jay, and Jim today and may they continually be aware of and in love with you.