Sunday, 24 Feb 2008

by Bart

I read Psalms 33-35 aloud and the chapter Blocks in Discovering Community.  I also listened to Luther’s Here I Stand and the 14 Feb Asbury sermon by JD Walt both of which were very powerful.

I was blessed with much more patients than is normal for me last evening.  The girls were wild and Leslie was having less patients that usual.  It is so cool how God uses the family as a unit for growth and balance.  Family is both and opportunity for servant leadership and a forum for judgement of my shortcomings.  God is so smart.

Well there you have it.  God is cool and smart.  This does not sound as fancy as the words of the Psalmist, but it is praise.  I love you God.  I love you Abba Father.  I love you daddy.

Blocks talked about four things that block community.  The ones I am the most susceptible to are based in not keeping the first thing first and working from my strength instead of God’s grace.  Lord, please prune from me any thing that does not support the coming of your kingdom and help me always work form your grace and never my own strength.

Lord, please be with those who will deliver your word to your people today.  Please make them strong, courageous, and aware of your spirit in them.  Please help us all to worship you fully.