Saturday, 23 Feb 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 30-32 aloud.  I am going to read more Discovering Community today.

I am struggling with discerning between the will of God and my own enthusiasm.  The idea of God’s week came to me yesterday and I have been trying to test the spirits.

Lord please grant me discernment as I want to be in your will.  Help me to be also in your time and your strength.  I rely too much on my own will, strength, and time.  Please forgive me and direct me.

Lord thank you for the hearts of all who have joined togeather seeking to go on to perfection.  Please be with Kevin and Jay as they prepare themselves for you to speak through them.  Please be with Calvin in everything he encounters today.

I am very happy to have Jay added to the group!!  We would also welcome any others who desire to join us.