Thursday, 21 Feb 2008

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 25-27 aloud.  I also read from Stephen Doughty’s Discovering Community.

Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lords help.  Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lords help”

Brad, our youth minister, put this great our weekly newsletter,

His timing isn’t my timing and what He wants done first is something I don’t really want to mess with.  I do that a lot with God.  I try and rush Him, push Him, and cajole Him into being who I think He’s to be, instead of realizing that there’s no need to get antsy with God.  He seems to show up and make things happen in perfect timing and I need to learn to trust that. 

Doughty, “Honest speaking is the habit of saying what is truly on your heart.”

Lord, Please give me the grace to live in your time and the courage to be bold in love.

Lord, Please bless Calvin and Kevin with your grace and peace.  May they be strong and brave through you.