Tuesday, 19 Feb 08

by Bart

This morning I read Psalm 22 aloud and John 16.

We went to Wal Mart to for a “fast run in”.  There was a man with a will work for food sign we passed in the back of the lot.  I resolved to offer him some work and a meal as well as some cash if he was for real.  My wife ran in.  After 50min in the car with both kids fighting I was furious Leslie had taken so long.  I blew out of the parking lot in a self indulgent fit.

The man is still hungry.  The devil won that round.

God, Please forgive me and grant me patients.  The devil knows my weaknesses, but you are much stronger, please protect me from his plotting and my family from the effects.  I love you and want to be a warrior for you not someone one is pushed around by my own weaknesses.

On a happier note:  John 16 was great.  24 The idea  “Your joy will be made complete” gives tremendous hope.  How lucky we are to have the Holy Spirit allowing us to KNOW God the Father and the Son.

Holy Spirit, Please make our joy complete through out this week and help us to behave in such a way as others who do not know – might know through you in us.