Monday, 18 Feb 08

by Bart

Today I read Psalms 19-21 aloud and “Holy Living”

I got frustrated with my wife in preparing for the party, but God provided enough peace not get overwhelmed.  The party went well and children were seen as a blessing.

There was a quote in Holy Living that gave me great comfort and joy this morning,

 “God will go out of His way to meet His saints” (pg 22)

Psalm 19 will be my prayer for today, “12 No one can see all of his mistakes, forgive me of my secrete sins.  13 Keep me from the sins I want to do.  Don’t let them rule me.  Then I can be pure and free from the greatest sins.”

Lord, please bless Calvin and Kevin today with a full measure of your grace and peace as you go out of your way to meet them.